*** Car Ministry Goal Achieved for 2017 ***


It looks we have made our goal of 52 cars this year! It was really kind of a pipe dream, but God has pulled us through once again. That is one car a week for the whole year. That is $52,000 spent (at our average of $1000 per car). That is at least 52 cars donated, probably closer to 65-70. Some just don’t make the cut, or we cannot afford to repair them. And no telling how many hours and hours and hours we have spent in this endeavor!

There are now 52 less families who are scared and lost and wondering how to move forward. Think about trying to live without your car for just one week! Groceries, getting the kids to school, maintaining your job, are just a few things that pop into my mind. Praise God and his awesome provision.

May 2018 be much much more of the same!

Learn how you can help at: www.project-44.org

Support Project-44: www.project-44.org/donate

#Project44 #BeTheChurch #NotDistracted

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