One more car!


Nothing like presenting one more car on the way to the airport this morning! She has a job starting Monday morning and now has a way to get there. Project-44 being the hands and feet! Lifting this lady up from a dark place and letting her know what God is really like. The ultimate removal of darkness! #Project44 #BeTheChurch

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Car Deliveries!

After the events of the past 2 weeks, it felt great to get back to what we do best: Giving!  4 cars were presented today, including this one to a family at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth!  Stay tuned for more!

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MAYhem on the Farm – Conclusion!


What a great day it was to wrap up our month of MAYhem on the farm!  It appears that we’re going to be in the blackberry business for the entire year, with several buckets getting filled weekly!  Today, we harvest onions and beets, too, and laid them out to dry for the next couple of days.  Family 2 Family is still going strong, with 16 boxes going to families in Rancho Brazos and Sandy Beach, and another 6 boxes going to Hood County Veterans!  This ministry continues to produce fruit in more ways than one!

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3 weeks of MAYhem!


The weather sure added to the MAYhem this week!  We did, however, persevere and accomplish a lot!  The orchard in the front is beginning to produce fruit, more blackberries were harvested, and Family2Family boxes were filled!  We ended with a short devotional and lunch, as always!

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…and the MAYhem continues!

We picked blackberries and brought them, with some herbs, to the Acton Market!  We also did some area beautification and filled Family2Family boxes!  The weather was great and we had an awesome turnout! #Project44 #BeTheChurch

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MAYhem on the Farm!

What a productive day on the farm!  The crosses are up!  The chicks are growing!  And the kale is trimmed!  Also, the apple orchard is mulched and the CDs are hung (to scare the birds away from the blackberries!!)  Join us all month for MAYhem on the Farm!

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(Digging in the) Earth Day!

We got the last of the lettuce harvested (video on the Facebook page), sported the new hood ornament, filled Family 2 Family boxes, and planted some cabbage!  Josh conducted a garlic experiment in a hay bale too!  It was a chilly Earth Day on the farm, but that didn’t stop the progress!

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Greenhouse Overhaul – Phase 2

April 15, 2017 was a busy day for everyone!  Part 2 of the greenhouse overhaul included complete removal of the cooling wall.  The plastic is all off now, with the hydroponic tanks next on the renovation agenda!  The blackberries are just about ready for harvest and we filled Family 2 Family boxes!

From Project-44 to your family, have a Happy Easter, and we hope to see you soon!

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The Roof is Off!


The volunteers marched on during the Saturday work and worship on April 1st.  Unfortunately, it is no joke that our roof was torn off during the storms last weekend!  You can see the evidence in the picture above.  Fortunately, we are close to our goal to replace it, and plan to install it (with your help!) on April 8th!  Go to the ‘Donate’ link to help our efforts, or come out on the 8th to help with the installation!

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March 25th, 2017


It was a windy start to our day on March 25th, but things tamed off quickly and we were able to get a lot accomplished!  Lettuce harvested, Family2Family boxes loaded, blackberries mulched, and several rows of cabbage planted!  Oh, and the chicks are ready for holding and petting (Remember to use the hand sanitizer!)  We look forward to seeing you next week!
See Don & Anne Simms’ Project-44 Story here!

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