Who We Are

Project 44 is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that began as a ministry with a desire to provide vehicles for people in need.

Since that time, Project 44 has started a Farm ministry in order to provide fresh, organic produce to the community in need, along with a counseling ministry to provide affordable counseling.

It is an organization for the community; dedicated to reaching the needs of people.

Our Story

Project 44 began as its founder Ben Fields, an auto mechanic, was questioning his role in the world, and more specifically, the church. He felt he was not helping the community the way the church ought to be.

It was during that time that someone gave Ben a vehicle and suggested he fix it up and give it to someone in need. A car ministry was born and took on the name Project 44.

Later, Project 44 was given a large bit of land located in Grandbury, Texas to use however they felt was best. They decided to use it to build Project 44 Farm.

Since that time we have started a succesful counseling ministry that seeks to provide affordable counseling to those in need that cannot typically pay for the counseling themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to go beyond the four walls of a church and help those in need where they need it. We focus on ministries to help the local community.