We Are Grateful!

Greetings and happy Thanksgiving to all! Today, as family and friends gather together to share a meal, we are mindful of the blessings for which we give thanks. For many, ourselves included, 2022 seems like a continuation of the challenging times we’ve navigated during the last couple of years. The fallout of a lingering global pandemic continues to create anxiety and concern. Uncertain economic conditions place a burden on household budgets. Political, societal, and cultural unrest divides our nation into factions unwilling to consider each other’s points of view. At times it isn’t easy to see any hope in our future.

Despite the hardships we see within the communities we serve, the people of Project-44 continue to look for ways to bring about positive change. Our ministries and the services we support continue to focus on helping people where they are. We are thankful, for instance, that in 2022 we have received at least a few vehicle donations allowing us to provide reliable transportation to people who simply needed a way to get to work and school. We are grateful for the opportunity to help those suffering from chronic and short-term food insecurity through the food pantries we partner with. It gives us hope knowing that sometime soon we’ll be able to provide valuable training in practical skills to people in Liberia through our trade school.

We fully believe that while there is a shadow of despair and doubt across our world, better days lie ahead. Our greatest joy, however, comes from the continued support we receive from you. Through your financial giving, prayers, and other contributions, your generosity fuels our efforts. For that, we are incredibly grateful. May we all take a moment this Thanksgiving day to express gratitude for the many blessings we have each received.