Why Donate to Project-44?

We exist entirely off of donations from people like you!


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 25-button For $25, we can provide a 30-pound box of food to a family in need!
 100-button  For $100, we can perform basic maintenance (oil change, tune up) on a donated vehicle!
 250-button  For $250, we can pay the tax, title, license and insurance down payment on a donated vehicle!
 500-button  For $500, we can purchase a half acre of land in Liberia!
 other-button Every penny counts!  Use the link to the left to donate any amount!
  • These amounts are examples only. Project-44 reserves the right to use your donation for any/all of our ministries

Have a car to donate?

Contact us below or at 682.253.4407. We will provide an IRS form 1098-C tax credit for the full NADA value of the vehicle. You will need a clear title on the car and we will help you with a small amount of paperwork.

For more information or to express interest in donating, contact us here: