Car Application

Please fill out the application below for consideration to receive a donated car. Keep in mind that we receive over 150 vehicle requests annually, but only take in about 60 cars annually. And know, even though we would like to help everyone, due to limitations, we only can assist those in Texas, primarily focused around Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Basic eligibility:

  1. You will have to provide proof of a current and valid Texas driver’s license before being considered as a potential recipient
  2. Due to a long waiting list and limited donation vehicles, you may be waiting more than 6 months to receive a vehicle (if you are selected to receive one). There is no way to expedite this.
  3. Multiple application submissions are grounds for removal from the waiting list.
  4. We do not provide a 2nd vehicle for any individual or family (unless the second vehicle is completely disabled)
  5. You are responsible for maintaining your vehicle after receipt
  6. All vehicles come with a limited warranty. Bear in mind that these are donation vehicles and will need basic maintenance and upkeep at your expense
  7. You are responsible for providing updated insurance, tax, title, and license after the temporary ones expire
  8. We do not finance vehicles, nor do we sell vehicles; however we can point you in that direction if you need assistance.
  9. We do not repair vehicles; however, we can provide a list of trusted mechanics who can repair vehicles for a price.
  10. We do not buy vehicles; however, we do provide a tax credit (1098-C) at the full NADA value for all donated vehicles

*** Incomplete Applications will be discarded immediately upon receipt! ***

Completing the application below constitutes understanding and acceptance of the information above: