Do you believe in miracles? Have you been blessed in a way that defies explanation? Perhaps we don’t see parting seas, the dead brought back to life, or water turning into wine, but things still happen that we simply cannot explain. Was it just a happy coincidence or an act of a benevolent God? Does it matter? This week, open your eyes to the possibility that you have witnessed a miracle. The people of Project-44 pray you receive blessings you cannot explain.

Facing Division

Today we see relentless opposition and hostility in a broken world. We each have the choice to either perpetuate attempts to create division or to find ways to celebrate what we have in common. The people of Project-44 pray that you approach divisive issues this week with a willingness to listen, kindness, and humility.


A tuning fork may be a dated reference. Still, this metaphor from pastor and author A. W. Tozer delivers a powerful message we can all relate to. In our current divided and polarized world, we have lost sight of what we agree on. We are so focused on arguing about our differences in opinion that we’ve lost sight of our shared beliefs. The people of Project-44 pray this week that you celebrate the things that unite us and put aside what divides us.

God’s Will

Unfortunately, the mission trip to Mexico had to be postponed. The Project-44 mission team thanks you for your prayers and asks you to continue to pray for the people in Mexico the team had planned to serve. This is an opportunity to remember that God is in control and there is a plan. God’s will leads us to live, love, and serve. The people of Project-44 pray that you clearly see God’s will for your life this week.


In whom or what are you seeking deliverance? Is it a human or a vice that you believe will free you from the troubles you face? Can a mere mortal who seeks only wealth and power truly lead us to joy and peace? As we enter Holy Week, remember the humble servant who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and who would ultimately give his life for our redemption. The people of Project-44 pray that the events of Jesus’ last week inspire you and give you lasting hope.


In whom can we place our trust? Our institutions have failed us. Our leaders have betrayed us. Family and friends let us down. But all is not lost. We can always trust in the Lord. God’s love, mercy, and grace never fail. The people of Project-44 pray that you turn to God this week when you need your trust renewed.


When Pontius Pilate asks Jesus if he is a king, Jesus responds, by saying that he came into the world to testify to the truth (See John 18:37). Pilate, somewhat sarcastically, asks, “What is truth?” Today, some two thousand years later, don’t we all share Pilate’s cynicism when we think about truth? Perhaps we can find comfort in knowing that all truth comes from God. Man can offer facts and opinions, but we find truth in God through faith. The people of Project-44 pray that you find truth and that it comforts and encourages you.

Building Blocks

None of us do life alone. We depend on those around us to help us get through each day. When called upon by someone in need, are you a building block or a stumbling block? Do you encourage and support, or do you judge and tear down? The people of Project-44 pray that you are the building block others need this week.