What We Do

Since 2008 Project-44 has gifted over 550 vehicles to people needing reliable transportation. We accept donated cars, complete a thorough safety and operational evaluation, make any necessary repairs, and match the cars with families in need.

Unfortunately, the past few years have seen a significant decrease in the number of cars donated. Changes in tax laws and economic factors that have increased the value of used vehicles have contributed to the decline. While donations have decreased, the need for cars has done the opposite.

For now, we have made the difficult decision to suspend accepting new applications from those in need. We continue to work through our long waiting list of eligible applicants as vehicles become available.

How You Can Help

If you, or someone you know, has a car that is no longer needed, please consider donating it to Project-44. Visit our Contact Page to tell us about a vehicle you would like to donate. The vehicle you no longer need might be just what someone needs to improve their life.